Project Structure

  bundles/         - Contains available bundles, see the Bundles section
    account/       - Account files
    player/        - Player files
    motd           - MOTD (screen shown at login)
  docs/            - This documentation
  resources/       - Logos and other external resources related to the Ranvier project but not the MUD itself
  src/             - Core engine code
  test/            - Unit tests for core code
  .vscode/         - Visual Studio Code project settings
  .github/         - Github templates
  gulpfile.js      - Gulpfile
  .istanbul.yml    - Istanbul test coverage config
  LICENSE.txt      - Copy of Ranvier's MIT license
  mkdocs.yml       - Mkdocs config file used to generate these docs
  .nvmrc           - NVM config      - Script to run tests and open coverage report
  package.json     - NPM config
  ranvier*         - Ranvier server executable
  ranvier.json     - Ranvier configs as described in Server Config